The Note from Heaven (bog på engelsk)

The Note from Heaven (bog på engelsk)

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Sideantal: 252

Format: Paperback

Sprog: Engelsk

Forlag: Watkins

Udgivelsesår: 2016

ISBN 978-1-78028-935-9

Engelsk udgave af Githa Ben-Davids to bøger 'Tonen fra Himlen' og 'Syng dig fri' i et samlet bind

Model/Varenr.: 978-1-78028-935-9
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The Note from Heaven af Githa Ben-David

How to Sing Yourself Into a Higher State of Consciousness


'The Note from Heaven' is a sacred healing tool for liberating your true voice and reconnecting with your higher Self through and thus to your true power and potentials.

This English version contains Githa Ben-David's first two books in Danish: book I 'The Note from Heaven' and book II 'Regressive Cell-Singing', which presents an innovative method to release blocked energy imprisoned in the singer's body as trauma. A number of psychologists claims that it is one of the most direct ways to get in contact with the subconscious mind.

In the beginning there was sound. With sound everything was created. You are sound.

You can download the free practice cd as a zip-file with mp3's here

Anmeldelser af Githa Ben-Davids bog 'The Note from Heaven'

'An enriching East-West guide to the voice as a spiritual practice [which] deepens self-inquiry, and awakens your heart's ears through a joyous process of creative intention, self-discipline and expression.'
Chloe Goodchild (singer, author, voice pioneer, founder of thenakedvoice.com)

'A very important contribution, indeed a gift, for people who want to exercise their innate power to experience wholeness.'
Richard Moss (physician, author and spiritual teacher)