Donation til Githa Ben-Davids online webinarer

Donation til Githa Ben-Davids online webinarer

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Donation til Githa Ben-Davids online webinarer

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Summer Sunday webinars with Githa Ben-David in English at 8.00-9.00 pm / 20.00-21.00 (Copenhagen time)

The live webinars needs no registration, but you are welcome to donate and/or to share press material for Githa's new book 'Heal the Pineal' with appropriate journalists/magazines in your country. Secretary Elsemarie Dam Justesen will send you the material you need - contact her at:

All webinars are started by singing The Note from Heaven 5-15 minutes in order to open the cells for receiving energy.

Host: Githa Ben-David, writer of 'Heal the Pineal' and 'The Note from Heaven'.

You can find Githa's previous free webinars here:

You can sign up for Githa's English newsletter here:


Price for the donation

You can choose between the following amounts for your donation:

1 webinar: 150 DKK
3 webinars: 400 DKK
7 webinars: 650 DKK

Description of the webinars and links

Webinar on 12 July 2020

Sound scanning of tinnitus and hearing ailments

Two persons with tinnitus are treated live, with the purpose to demonstrate how to sound scan for tinnitus, and with the hope that tinnitus cases in the audience will be influenced by the treatment. This has happened in several other occasions. 


Webinar on 19 July 2020 -

Githa, Peleh Ben-David and Lars Muhl sing affirmations and prayers

We will sing sing-along-songs, which can be downloaded on 


Webinar on 26 July 2020 -

Cancer and sound healing

Bente Hornbaek, who has recently been cured from terminal cancer (leukemia) is present with me, and we will demonstrate how she is doing daily self-treatment with The Note from Heaven and Hung Song to keep the cancer away.


Webinar on 2 August 2020

Vocal Detox 1 – Purification of the liver

So many people suffer from strange symptoms, pain, burning, unexplainable infections, joint problems, swellings… These symptoms are often diagnosed as unexplainable autoimmune responses and or as mental disorders, because Medical doctors are not trained in detoxification of pesticides and heavy metals. Each person’s symptoms are different, but what we all have in common is that heavy metals attract radiation and many parasites live from radiation.
Therefore the key is to detox your body. Since our levels and kind of toxins vary, each person must take responsibility for one self and listen carefully to their body. The liver is the main detox organ of the body, meaning that if you purify your brain from toxins, and the liver cannot cope with them, the toxins will be restored in the body. So the liver is number one.
We will do open undertones and stimulate the liver with the breath, Hung Song and more. If you wish to detox your liver properly, please purchase Castor oil, a big piece of cotton and plastic for a pack on the liver during your sleep. You will have three weeks to detox the liver with this method.


Webinar on 23 August 2020

Vocal Detox 2 – Purification of the bowel

If the gut does not function, a brilliant detox process ends in the gut where the toxins are reabsorbed. The bowel is, according to Githa´s personal experience, often stagnated due to emotional issues and or because of Glyphosate and other pesticides additives in our food. Fasting and enemas are some of the most effective ways to clear the gut. The emotional issues can be released through the voice. Githa tells you how.


Webinar on 30 August 2020 -

Vocal Detox 3 – Purification of the kidneys

The kidneys are symbolizing our fears. Please think about which statement you get the strongest feeling from: 1) I am not good enough, 2) I am not allowed to be here, 3) I don’t want to be here, 4) I do not belong. 
This webinar will be about humming. We will hum together while listening attentively to each other. Humm for feeling one – and in the oneness humming we will decode the pattern you have chosen.
Purchase Castor oil, a piece of cotton to cover the kidneys double or three fold, a piece of plastic covering all the back.


Webinar on 6 September 2020 -

Vocal Detox 4 – Purification of the brain

During sleep the brains shrinks and the ventricles get more space to wash the brain. This webinar prepares you for a brain flush while you sleep. We will sound scan the central nerve system, the hippocampus, Amygdala and the brainstem. Before this webinar, I will send images of these parts of the brain to everybody in my newsletter.